Ways to Light a Room with No Ceiling Light Fixtures

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Many older homes have no electrical wiring for ceiling light fixtures. The entryway light switch will typically activate a wall outlet in the room. Therefore, lighting a room with no ceiling light fixture requires that you spread more than one light source through the room, to mimic the effectiveness of ceiling light fixtures. It also requires that you coordinate all the different light fixtures you use, so as to keep your room from looking like a jumble sale of lights. Finally, when you light a room with no ceiling light fixture you need the entryway light switch to turn on as many lights as possible. Here are ways that you can light a room with no ceiling light fixture and overcome all the challenges involved.

Use Extension Cords to Maximize the Entryway Light Switch

To spread light evenly through a room that has no ceiling light fixture, place two floor lamps on either side of the back wall and connect them with an extension cord. Plug the cord into the outlet controlled by the entryway light switch. In this way, you will light the room evenly despite having no ceiling light fixture.

Add a Separate Light at the Front of the Room

To add more light to the room, add another floor lamp at the front, opposite the entrance. Though uncontrolled by the entryway light switch, this lamp can be turned on separately to increase the light in the room.

Choose Floor Lamps with High Light Bulb Watts

Try to find floor lamps that support several light bulbs with high light bulb watts. If one floor lamp can hold four 60 watt light bulbs, each floor lamp will light the room with 240 watts.

Choose Light Colored Lampshades

Look for wide, white or cream colored lampshades to light the room most effectively. If the look is too drab in your eyes, decorate the lampshades with tassels. You can even use glass tassels to create a more elegant look (Read about decorating with tassels). And remember that light colored lamp shades look drab by themselves but will look beautiful when they are illuminated and lighting the room.

Make Sure to Light the Room with Identical Lamps

Too many lamps can make a room look messy if each floor lamp looks different. Therefore try to light the room with identical lamps. If the exact same floor lamps can’t be found, choose something similar, and make sure the lampshades are identical. Because the lampshade is the illuminated part of the lamp, it is also the part that stands out most and will fool the eye into the thinking that all the floor lamps are identical.

You Can Also Add a Ceiling Light Fixture Near the Wall

You can connect a ceiling light fixture to the outlet controlled by the entryway switch. So long as the light fixture is hung fairly close to the wall, you can hide the wire decoratively by following this simple tutorial. Make sure the light switch has rotating heads, so you can turn them to shine throughout the room. Read this article to learn more about creating a ceiling light fixture with no electrical wiring.

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