Interior Designer/Owner
Sheila  J. Woodward

Sheila’s not your typical designer she is licensed Real Estate agents with a flair for style and creativity that can enhance your home value. You can expect top-notch education, professionalism, and accessibility to whatever questions you may have along the way.
Not only do they save our clients time and money, their knowledge of fixer-uppers and knack for knowing a good buy has helped many homeowners select the right investment home to renovate. Plus, their network of professional connections will assist during the walk-through process to help identify costs for negotiations with sellers. No more wondering if your renovation project will meet the HGTV dreams you have in your head.

We love helping people successfully find and/or perfect their dream homes in South Florida. This is why we are dedicated to home selling, buying, decorating, designing and remodeling while providing excellent customer service.

We handle everything from:

Analyzing your home for sale,  Staging your home to sell, De-Cluttering, Re-Design your current home (Using new or current furniture), space planning (Using new or current furniture), Revo, Complete Gut jobs and beyond.

Call us today to get started on finding or creating your dream home. SJW Designs (954)-651-2470

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